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EXTREME POWDER COATING  of Twinsburg Ohio, home of Northeast Ohio's only fully enclosed powder coating spray booth and your choice for precision powder coating!Fabricating, Welding and Powder Coating at Extreme Powder Coating!

Why is our fully enclosed and filtered spray booth so  important?

Most Ohio powder coating shops have spray booths with an open end. When they powder coat your parts, the dirt and debri floating in the air gets sucked right over your parts. It's not that they don't want to give you a perfect powder coating finish, they simply cant!

Our Ohio powder coating spray booth was designed with you in mind! It is equipped with front doors and filters that clean the air before it enters the powdercoating spray booth, offering the high quality that you expect.

If you wouldn't wet pant in an uinfiltered spray booth, why would you powder coat in one?!



Do you want zero rejects? Do you want your parts delivered oOur fully filtered powder coating spray booth!n time? Are you looking for line priced powder coating yet need batch powdercoating quality?

Our Summit County Ohio powder coating shop, located in North East Ohio focuses on supporting manufacturers and commercial shops, as well as walk-in retail customers.

Our streamlinWe hang many parts on our unique powdercoating parts racks!ed powder coating system, along with our unique powder coat rack design, allow us to hang many more parts per rack than a typical batch powder coating shop, saving US time and YOU money!

We challenge you to try and find a Northeast Ohio batch powder coating shop capable of powdercoating the volume of parts in a day that we do!White powder coating!

Nearly anything, including electrical cabinets, machinery, custom metal fabrications, snow plows, safety gates, wire mesh and anything metal that can be liquid painted can be powder coated.

We work on a zero reject policy!

When quality and delivery matters, there is only one Extreme Powder Coating!


Car Rims      |      Lawn Furniture

Does your project requireWe powder coat rims in any color! perfection? Does the powder coating finish matter? Are you powder coating motorcycle, car or truck rims? Do you want iron phosphate protection like the big commercial customers?

Then we think we are the perfect choice for your home powder coating projects! We powder coat just about every color of the rainbow!

Our fully enclosed and filtered powder coating spray booth means your parts will look perfect, each and every time!

Our powder coating spray booth actually has front doors with filters...just like a high end painting booth! This means no cotton wood seeds, dandy lion pollen or grit and grime in your powder coat. Simply the perfect finish you were hoping for!We powder coat car, truck and motorcycle frames and chasis.

Our capabilities include small parts to an amazing 23' long parts, in short run or large run batches. If it can stand to be heated to 400 degrees, we can powder coat it.

We specialize in motorcycle frames, car frames, truck frames, truck beds, trailers, motorcycle rims, car rims and even lawn furniture. If it's metal, we can powder coat it!

Our powder coating is available in many standard and custom colors, including candy colors.


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